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Market Commentary 3/06/2020

“Stocks never bottom on a Friday.” – Wall Street Wisdom Considering the breath-taking volatility this week, the above stock market axiom seems appropriate to share. Stocks remained slightly negative on the day but rallied strong into the close. While the strength of...

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Market Commentary 3/03/2020

Today, the Federal Reserve lowered rates by 0.50% in a “surprise” move before its regularly scheduled meeting later this month. This is the first time the Fed has made such a move since 2008 during the Financial Crisis.  It was done to get ahead of the effects of the...

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Market Commentary 2/28/2020

Way back.....three days ago, we suggested the selling would continue before a "crescendo" low was reached in the market. Well, if Thursday's action did not represent such a crescendo then we are likely just a day or two away. Unfortunately, Friday's (tomorrow) are...

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Market Commentary 2/25/2020

Stock market selloffs never feel good as they are happening. It is human nature to feel fear during a downturn just as it is natural to feel greed during rallies. After all, they are two sides of the same coin. Fear and greed offer balance in a market that otherwise...

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Market Commentary 1/28/2020

With the beginning of the Senate impeachment trial and the recent breakout of the “Corona” virus, stocks have taken a breather from the strong rally that kicked off 2020. The recent sell-off did not take us by surprise. During the Clinton impeachment, stocks rallied...

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Market Commentary 1/10/2020

With the broad stock market already up over 1.5% this year it seems clear the fear of investors that stocks would decline immediately following New Year’s, was misplaced. Keeping with our contrarian view that stocks would continue to rise after New Year’s, we remained...

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Market Commentary 12/31/2019

With 2019 wrapping up we thought a few predictions might be in order. We do not want our predictions to simply appear as “wild guesses” or “fliers” just to illicit a response from clients. We see our responsibility to clients as one bound by a sacred trust. We are...

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Market Commentary 12/22/2019

Since our last note to clients, the S&P 500 has rallied approximately 10%. In our last note to clients we suggested fresh all-time highs to be reached by stocks in the upcoming weeks. Indeed, that is what this rally has led to. Furthermore, we expected the Fed to...

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Market Commentary 10/08/2019

Immediately following our last missive on September 9, stocks experienced a burst higher. While stocks missed hitting an all time high on September 12 by a mere 16 points, we continue to believe stocks will achieve fresh all-time highs in the weeks to come. The recent...

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Market Commentary 9/09/2019

As August arrived, we told clients to expect volatility to increase but that there was little reason to “run for the hills” and sell everything. Our expectation was that there would be a slight downward bias in stock prices along with the volatility but no dramatic...

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