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Market Commentary 6/04/2020

As the country continues to ease into “re-opening”, stocks have been full speed ahead. Since the March 23 low, the S&P 500® Index is up ~38%. This is less than 7% away from the level the Index entered 2020! If, on January 1, 2020, anyone was to suggest the jobless...

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Market Commentary 4/19/2020

Markets have started the process of healing from the initial shock of the pandemic. On March 23, stocks reached a low that we believe will hold and not be breached to the downside. The low on March 23, a Monday, was marked by widespread panic and dislocation in stocks...

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Market Commentary 4/07/2020

Just a quick note ahead of our Weekly Market Recap on Friday. Please tune in (or watch on demand) to the video presentation on Friday to hear our thoughts on what is ahead for markets. Today, stocks are building on yesterday's gains. Yesterday's gains were dramatic...

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Market Commentary 3/15/2020

In a surprise move, the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates by 1% to 0% and embarked on a round of quantitative easing "QE" that has not been seen since the Financial Crisis and never this much in one day. Despite such an unprecedented move, stock futures are...

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Market Commentary 3/11/2020

The stock market has now priced in something along the lines of the following: Coronavirus will grip the country, and the world, for months to come. A full-fledged recession will occur in the United States this year. The oil industry will see major bankruptcies in the...

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Market Commentary 3/09/2020

On Friday we shared with readers the axiom “Stocks never bottom on a Friday.” Well, are stock market bottoms formed on a Monday? That is a fair question, especially on a Monday like this one. The answer is “maybe.” The “Weekend Effect” is the name given to the...

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Market Commentary 3/08/2020

Following a breakdown in negotiations among OPEC+ members, Saudi Arabia took the dramatic step of cutting prices by around $6 a barrel. This move has sent global oil prices down by 31%. The largest move since the 1990 Gulf War. In response to this move in oil,...

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Market Commentary 3/06/2020

“Stocks never bottom on a Friday.” – Wall Street Wisdom Considering the breath-taking volatility this week, the above stock market axiom seems appropriate to share. Stocks remained slightly negative on the day but rallied strong into the close. While the strength of...

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Market Commentary 3/03/2020

Today, the Federal Reserve lowered rates by 0.50% in a “surprise” move before its regularly scheduled meeting later this month. This is the first time the Fed has made such a move since 2008 during the Financial Crisis.  It was done to get ahead of the effects of the...

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Market Commentary 2/28/2020

Way back.....three days ago, we suggested the selling would continue before a "crescendo" low was reached in the market. Well, if Thursday's action did not represent such a crescendo then we are likely just a day or two away. Unfortunately, Friday's (tomorrow) are...

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