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Market Commentary 10/08/2019

Immediately following our last missive on September 9, stocks experienced a burst higher. While stocks missed hitting an all time high on September 12 by a mere 16 points, we continue to believe stocks will achieve fresh all-time highs in the weeks to come. The recent...

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Market Commentary 9/09/2019

As August arrived, we told clients to expect volatility to increase but that there was little reason to “run for the hills” and sell everything. Our expectation was that there would be a slight downward bias in stock prices along with the volatility but no dramatic...

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Market Commentary 8/23/2019

Stocks started the day modestly higher ahead of a very important speech given by Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell. Powell is in Jackson Hole, WY along with other central bankers who gather there every year to exchange ideas. Many important announcements over the...

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Market Commentary 8/15/2019

“Dow tanks 800 points in worst day of 2019” - 8/14/19 In my last letter to clients, I pointed out how eager news outlets are to print eye-catching headlines referencing the number of points the Dow Jones Industrial Average drops. Well, today was another...

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Market Commentary 8/05/2019

“Dow plunges XXX points in worst day of XXXX!” I purposely left out the numbers because they ultimately do not matter. During my 28-year career, I have seen this headline XXX,XXX times. I expect to see it another XXX,XXX times before I retire. OK. So, today...

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Market Commentary 12/28/2018

The fourth quarter of 2018 has seen an uptick of volatility along with a decline in stock prices. There is a lot of confusion and concern on the part of investors who fear that 2019 will see a continuation of this decline. I would like to offer our view of what has...

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Market Commentary 10/23/2018

Heading into the 9:30am ringing of the opening bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (“DJIA”) was set to open down 450 points from yesterday’s close. Does this mean stocks are finally crashing and wiping away all those gains since the Great Recession of 2008? As I...

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Market Commentary 10/10/2018

The performance of the stock market today will undoubtedly catch the attention of the non-business media. So, prepare to see headlines such as “Stocks Sink” or “Stocks Take a Tumble” or “Interest Rates Rise While Stocks Fall” along with other “journalistic gems” of...

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Market Commentary 7/27/2018

It is easy to describe the current political and economic environment as unique. After all we have a president who, regardless of your political stripes, is carrying out his duties in a way that has not been seen for quite a while. Concerns over internet privacy has...

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Market Commentary 6/29/2018

Given the tremendous amount of political activity surrounding financial markets so far this year, it might be hard to believe that the S&P 500® Index is higher by 2.81% rather than down by a double-digit percentage. While stocks are lower from their recent higher...

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