Dear Valued Client,

In light of the current hostilities between Israel and Iran, it is essential that we keep you informed about our response designed to optimize your investment portfolio. As always, our focus is on managing your portfolio through all market conditions. Here are our thoughts on a some of the key issues facing markets today:

Geopolitical Developments and Market Response We are closely monitoring the situation following the recent attack by Iran on Israel. Given the complexities involved, it is crucial to understand the potential implications on global markets. Our team is actively assessing the situation and is prepared to make necessary adjustments to safeguard and position your investments advantageously. This could mean we raise cash in our managed accounts or shift investments to sectors and securities that can limit volatility.

Interest Rates and Market Dynamics In light of the current uncertainties, we expect a temporary decline in interest rates as investors gravitate towards safer assets. This environment presents unique opportunities and challenges which our team is equipped to navigate to serve your long-term financial objectives effectively. For our fixed-income portfolios we are keeping an eye on the possibility that the Federal Reserve acts decisively to protect the economy from global threats that could impact consumers and corporations alike.

Oil Prices and Portfolio Adjustments Anticipating potential escalations in the Middle East that could impact oil prices, we have proactively increased our exposure to oil stocks and utilities. This strategic diversification is designed to mitigate the risks associated with the recently volatile technology sector, despite its strong performance. This adjustment enhances the resilience of your portfolio against sector-specific fluctuations.

Cash Reserves and Strategic Opportunities Our managed accounts continue to maintain elevated cash positions. This prudent measure not only cushions your portfolio against immediate market shocks but also positions us to capitalize on potential market corrections linked to the current geopolitical tensions.

Economic Outlook and Corporate Performance Despite the uncertainties, the robust incoming corporate earnings and our positive outlook for the remainder of the year give us confidence. We anticipate continued market resilience, bolstered by strong corporate fundamentals.

Anticipations Post-Election and Interest Rate Cuts As the upcoming election unfolds, we expect the removal of political uncertainty to favor market sentiment and performance. Additionally, we foresee the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates later this year, a move we believe will be limited to one or two cuts, contrary to earlier speculations of more extensive rate reductions.

Conclusion We acknowledge the complexities and risks present in the current global environment but remain optimistic about the strategic positioning of your investments. We believe our proactive adjustments and vigilant monitoring equip us well to navigate these challenges. Our outlook remains optimistic for the remainder of the year. We believe high-quality stocks will perform well and interest rates will remain subdued as geopolitical tensions subside and the Fed reacts to softening inflation.

Thank you for placing your trust in us to manage your investments. Please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your portfolio or any concerns you might have. We are here to support you in achieving your financial goals.

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Kessler Investment Group, LLC

P.S. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available and as market conditions evolve.

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