Dear Valued Clients,

As we step into 2024, I am excited to share our insights and perspectives on the year ahead.

A year ago, our outlook for 2023 struck a more optimistic tone for stocks than that of most Wall Street Strategists. This year, our outlook remains rosier than most on Wall Street, but more tempered than our own from a year ago. The consensus outlook among Wall Street forecasters is  for a relatively neutral to slightly positive trajectory for stocks in 2024. Although we foresee a bumpy ride, we anticipate the S&P 500 Index could achieve a 10-12% return, aligning with historical averages.

Here’s our outlook for the upcoming year:

  1. Federal Reserve and Rate Movements:
    • The Federal Reserve’s stance signals a reluctance for further rate hikes.
    • Despite the futures market hinting at up to six rate cuts in 2024, we view a more reasonable estimate of two to three cuts as plausible.
    • The Fed remains watchful for inflation upticks, ready to adjust rates accordingly. Labor market concerns might prompt rate cuts to stimulate growth, balancing economic forces between labor market weaknesses and persistent inflation.
    • Our expectation is for a softened Fed tone in 2024, aiming to manage inflation while maintaining a positive Fed Funds rate, unless inflation surges or significant growth contractions necessitate rate adjustments.
  2. Sector Diversification Strategies:
    • We anticipate a shift in favor of dividend-oriented stocks over richly-priced growth stocks. This has prompted us place an emphasis on Utilities, Real Estate, Industrials, and Financials.
  3. Stock Market Patterns:
    • We caution clients to brace for potential profit-taking early in January, followed by renewed buying interest propelling both large and small-cap stocks upwards.
    • Potential stock rallies into May might coincide with the Fed’s initial rate cut, possibly reflecting a recurring “Sell in May and go away” market rhythm.
    • While we do not believe the outcome of the presidential election will derail the current bull market, investors are likely to reduce risk ahead of the vote in November.
    • Once the question mark hanging over the election is removed, we expect stocks to return to an upward bias.
  4. Investment Scenarios and Recession Signals:
    • Investors with balanced portfolios should experience above average returns in 2024.
    • With bonds delivering stable prices and yields between 4-6%, traditional balanced portfolios could see total returns nearing 8-10%
    • If the economy downshifts significantly as the election nears, the risks of a recession will increase. While stocks can endure recessions, focusing on resilient sectors during downturns might fortify performance amid broad diversification.
  5. Market Positives and Negatives:
    • Encouraging indicators include a declining inflation trend, steady employment, enhanced wage growth bolstering consumer sentiment, ongoing productivity improvements, and potential rate cuts by the Fed.
    • On the flip side, stretched stock valuations, election uncertainties, geopolitical tensions, and possible inflation hikes leading to further rate increments pose challenges.

Our forecast for 2024 underscores the triumph of positives over negatives:

  • Expected productivity gains and a slightly elevated Fed Funds rate could mitigate inflationary pressures.
  • Anticipated containment and cooling of geopolitical risks and diminishing recession fears as the year progresses.
  • A broadening spectrum of stock market gains into Small Cap and Value stocks signifies a robust equity landscape.
  • Amid escalating political discourse, investor attention might shift to an improving economy, detached from presidential influences.
  • Historically, expanding corporate profits have stemmed from cost-saving initiatives and ongoing productivity enhancements.

Moreover, our conviction in continuous productivity gains, analogous to the surge witnessed during the Internet boom of the 90s, now foreseen in the adoption of artificial intelligence by companies, underlines the potential for long-term growth.

The key to stock returns for 2024 and beyond is productivity. This economic input can and, we believe, will inoculate the stock market against prolonged downturns over the next 5-10 years. It will offset inflation, expand profitability and drive technological innovation.

Rest assured, our team remains steadfast in navigating market fluctuations and aligning strategies to achieve your financial objectives.


Kessler Investment Group, LLC

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